Here are some common questions about HAVAL.


What is HAVAL's relationship with Great Wall Motors?

Haval Motors is a subsidiary of GWM, however, the business operates separately in the New Zealand market, including different teams and manufacturing production lines.

How do I find my nearest dealer?

To locate your nearest HAVAL dealer, please visit the ‘Dealers’ page.


Does HAVAL have a corporate fleet program?

Yes, HAVAL has a Corporate Fleet program. For further information click on the link or contact your nearest Dealer.


Will you bring in Diesel?

The HAVAL range of SUVs is only available with turbocharged petrol engines. The future will be complemented by a mix of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains.


I have lost my owner’s manual. How do I replace it?

You will need to drop into your nearest HAVAL dealership to purchase a replacement Owner’s Manual. To locate your nearest HAVAL dealership please visit the HAVAL Dealers page.


How do I let HAVAL know about a change in my personal details?

If your personal details change, please contact HAVAL Customer Care.




I have a technical query - whom should I refer this too?

All technical queries should be directed to your local HAVAL dealership and they will be able to assist you.


Where can I purchase accessories for my vehicle?

Contact your local HAVAL Dealer.


I would like to disconnect an airbag in my vehicle. Can this be done?

As part of HAVAL policy we do not facilitate or recommend the disconnection of airbags where these are part of the initial specification of the vehicle.

What is a VIN and how do I locate it?

Each vehicle has a unique serial number which is used by the automotive industry to identify individual vehicles. This is known as an International Standards Organisation Vehicle Identification Number (ISOVIN or VIN). The VIN consists of a structured combination of 17 characters and is located on the bottom corner of the windscreen on the passenger’s side.


  • A VIN stays with the vehicle for its entire life and is often used by service departments to identify the vehicle and service parts.
  • Its needed if there are warranty claims.
  • It helps when parts are ordered.
  • Some Insurance companies may also refer to VINs as a means of identifying a vehicle.
  • Other organisations including Insurance companies may also refer to VINs as a means of identifying a vehicle.
How do I order parts?

HAVAL Genuine parts are sold and supported by HAVAL dealerships. Please drop into the parts department of your nearest HAVAL dealership.




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HAVAL Motors New Zealand is a specialist manufacturer of premium SUVs and is the No.1 SUV brand in the world’s largest automotive market and has been for the past 15 years. In 2017 Brand Finance valued HAVAL as the "world's most powerful SUV brand" ahead of Jeep and Land Rover. With over 5 million customers, last year HAVAL was the world’s 10th largest SUV manufacturer outselling Mercedes, BMW and Mitsubishi SUVs. Our success is due to a combination of commitment, passion and listening to our customers. We utilise the best features, safety and technologies from around the globe to produce world class SUVs.


*HAVAL Motors New Zealand reserves the right to change the information including, but not limited to the models, prices, colours, materials, equipment or other specifications referred to on this site at any time without prior notice. Always consult your HAVAL dealer for latest specifications, availability and pricing. Images for illustration purposes only.




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